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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Looking for writters

I'm looking for some creative people to join the new Inside Fashion family:) I want to share new and fresh outfits and you don't need to have experience, all i'm looking for is share new content to the blog and make amazing stuff.

If you want to apply, please read this and follow the instructions.
xx, Gaby.
Pd. I you already are a writter in this blog, please send me a private message

2017 || Gaby

Hi guys! I'm back with a new fesh style and so much time to share more content with you.

Today I will show you this outfit that I created for a rainy day in the city. I wanted to use this especific blazer to fill the deep cut in the middle with a long necklace. At the same time, I used that socks, platform shoes and a plastic skirt to add a twist in the "retro style".


  • Black deep blazer | Pet a porter
  • Velvet skirt | PPQ
  • Steel gray pencil skirt
  • Leather trenchcoat | Chanel tribute
  • Fishnet black socks | Vinyl
  • Black platform loafers | Fallen Angel
  • Vntage chain sunglases
  • Chain necklace


xx, Gaby.

Monday, January 16, 2017


♥Hello beautiful people♥
So, in brief, the weather is really really really hot here in Brazil.
And i wanted to do something cute and light for this season(this horrible season, c'mon), so i choose light colors, and flowers, and everything fluffy in the wold.
The result is a three piece look.
And the music for today is one of my favorite summer songs of all time.
Hope you enjoy it!

Peony Headpiece - Pretty n' Love
Hotbuys Resort13 Dress - Hot Buys
Chunky 90's Platforms - Original Future

Bye bye sweeties ♥