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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Black And White

♥ Hello everyone,
I'm new here, my name is Luisa, i'm brazilian and my account on Stardoll is LuluFenix.
I'm really glad to be part of the blog.
I hope i can inspire you, and that you guys enjoy my outfits.
And i will always match the style I 'm talking, to a song or a video clip that reminds me the subject.
A Black and white look it's officially a classic, no matter how basic it is, it will always be chic and sophisticated.

HotBuys Daisy Sunglasses - Bonjour Bizou
Black Triangle Top - Melbourne Minimalism Tribute
Gingham Breeze Skirt - Callie's Picks
Fallen Leggings - Callie's Picks
BW Stripe Ankle Socks - LE
Leather Straps Wedges - Strike A Pose

Xoxo ♥

1 comment:

  1. Yeah you're back and this look are veryyyyyy canon ! :)