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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Hello, everyone!
This post is not about a certain look, but to express my great interest in real-life clothes that have been put in Stardoll.
Since this week I'm trying to discuss and present outfits of the Valentine's day theme, here is a lovely red dress, which is, by the way, quite an old Stardoll item, but the graphics are amazing
I really adore this dress so much, it's so beautiful, elegant and cute at the same time - and it looks even brighter than the one in real life that Victoria Beckham wore with an expensive-looking necklace and strappy heels:

Simply amazing! 
If, by any chance you are lucky to be a superstar or a model, or you're visiting a sophisticated party, wearing such a stunning dress on Valentine's day will probably get you many admirers. 

Anyway, back to the Stardoll reality - I myself am trying to relax a little bit these days when I'm combining my doll's clothes, since the combinations aren't as important. I want to invoke the holiday spirit and just enjoy it through dressing my doll with pink, red, hearts and all kinds of cuteness possible.

Bye dollies!
Have a lovely week!

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