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Monday, February 9, 2015


Valentine's day is coming soon!
No boyfriend? Don't worry! Stardoll is there for you! :]
I really adore themed outfits, especially when a beautiful holiday is knocking on the door.
But when it comes to Valentine's day, I become crazy about updating my outfits - at least it should be something red or pink!
This year I will try to upload a few cute (in my view) outfits that I hope will encourage your holiday spirit!

I picked a couple of items that I couldn't imagine putting together: red lace and tan skirt with a pink lips pattern. At first sight it seemed really kitchy to me, but then the combination appeared as so cute that I couldn't resist posting it!
I always LOVE matching (or not matchig) accessories - they give attitude to the outfit, so if you choose cute white heels or edgy black ones, the whole idea of the ensemble changes. I, of course, adore black, and a cute little purse and big shiny heels have become my choice for this outfit.

I really hope you like my outfit!
Have a beautiful day!
Kisses, Monica

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