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Sunday, May 3, 2015


Cozy Home Sweater/ It Girls
Clean Cut Shirt/
High Waisted Black Shirt/ PPQ
Minimalis Alexander Heels/ Bonjour Bizou
Black sport Satchel/ Bazaar


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

(Old) New Look

Hey guys! 
I don't know about you, but I sometimes get really tired
Of looking at the same doll all the time. 
It's in these times that I go crazy making looks;
Before I ultimately go back to my original look. 

Today I'm showing you the look that I created when I went from Tan to pale.
and from brown to Platinum hair.

I really like this look, it's that classic smokey eye with a twist. 
I love to play around with different colors on my doll to create 
Different look. This look was my favorite for about 2 days before I switched again.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We're All Insane

Daisy Hat - It Girls
Tank Top - Bazaar
Tartan shirt -
Sweater Leggins With Holes - Bonjour Bizou
Heavyweight Black Platforms - Fallen Angel
Pucci Tassel Shoulder Bag - Royalty


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pretty In Love| Valentines Ideas

Hey everyone! So after a rather long hiatus I'm back!
I'm so excited to be writing again.
 As you can probably tell, Love is in the air!
Valentines day is fast approaching, and so I decided to give 
You guys a few ideas on how to style some of the new Pretty in Love items.

As you may know we got a new Pretty In Love floor Monday, just in time for this holiday!

If you aren't into the bright pinks, and the bold reds. This collection is your friend. It features items that are more understated. Which I personally love for my doll.

I knew exactly which items I liked, and which ones I wasn't too keen on. The piece I bought first was the "Dusty Pink Jumpsuit". It's classy and perfect for any skintone, and any style. 
I styled it in two different ways for you all. Let me know what you think!

Happy Valentines Day!



Hello, everyone!
This post is not about a certain look, but to express my great interest in real-life clothes that have been put in Stardoll.
Since this week I'm trying to discuss and present outfits of the Valentine's day theme, here is a lovely red dress, which is, by the way, quite an old Stardoll item, but the graphics are amazing
I really adore this dress so much, it's so beautiful, elegant and cute at the same time - and it looks even brighter than the one in real life that Victoria Beckham wore with an expensive-looking necklace and strappy heels:

Simply amazing! 
If, by any chance you are lucky to be a superstar or a model, or you're visiting a sophisticated party, wearing such a stunning dress on Valentine's day will probably get you many admirers. 

Anyway, back to the Stardoll reality - I myself am trying to relax a little bit these days when I'm combining my doll's clothes, since the combinations aren't as important. I want to invoke the holiday spirit and just enjoy it through dressing my doll with pink, red, hearts and all kinds of cuteness possible.

Bye dollies!
Have a lovely week!


Hello, stardolls!
Aren't you in the mood for Valentine's day yet?
I hope this series of posts will encourage you to do as I do: be inspired by the holidays and dress your doll up for them!

In this outfit I combined more pastel colours: brown, beige and grey. There is hardly anything cuter than hearts, collared shirts, tutus and bows - we have them all in this outfit.
Of course, I added some bling bling - a cute tiara an a shiny tiny purse.
At first the combination of the beige gamma with grey seemed a little off, but I always love to experiment with my doll's clothes. Feel free to do the same!

Happy holidays!
Have a beautiful week!
Kisses, Monica

Monday, February 9, 2015


Valentine's day is coming soon!
No boyfriend? Don't worry! Stardoll is there for you! :]
I really adore themed outfits, especially when a beautiful holiday is knocking on the door.
But when it comes to Valentine's day, I become crazy about updating my outfits - at least it should be something red or pink!
This year I will try to upload a few cute (in my view) outfits that I hope will encourage your holiday spirit!

I picked a couple of items that I couldn't imagine putting together: red lace and tan skirt with a pink lips pattern. At first sight it seemed really kitchy to me, but then the combination appeared as so cute that I couldn't resist posting it!
I always LOVE matching (or not matchig) accessories - they give attitude to the outfit, so if you choose cute white heels or edgy black ones, the whole idea of the ensemble changes. I, of course, adore black, and a cute little purse and big shiny heels have become my choice for this outfit.

I really hope you like my outfit!
Have a beautiful day!
Kisses, Monica

Sunday, January 25, 2015

New softness

This is a cute wintery outfit that gives you both edge and softness.
I think you can get this by combining spiky or shiny elements (here I used gold) and something gentle and cute (the coat and the bag are uber cute!)

What you need to complete the look is:

  • a cute furry coat
  •  rimming of the clothes or shiny jewellery
  • dominance of one colour that contrasts to the accents (black versus gold)

Happy stardolling!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Samba Mode

Hello everyone! It's 2015! I'm so excited to be in the new year, and this is one of my favorite looks that I've done in these 10 short days.

I'm really drawn to dramatic looks, whether it be makeup, clothing or hair.
Regardless of what gender my doll is at the moment.

This look features the GORGEOUS dress from the latest
Dolce and Gabbana collection in the Starplaza.

This look is literally made up of two items. Very simple, and yet a huge statement.(pun intended)

Dress: Alta Mode Gown- Dolce and Gabbana Tribute

Hat/Mask: Samba Headpiece  - Perfect Day

The gown cost me 45 SD which was a bit expensive, but I believe it's 45 with the Royalty discount.
The headpiece cost 50 Starcoins.

Hope you all enjoyed this quick little post!