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Friday, October 3, 2014

Haul Time: Modmayhem

Hey everyone, so today I decided to do a haul post.
I've never done one of these, but I've always wanted to.

I buy clothes a lot, especially recently with all the new collections; I've topped up a few times Lol!
So There is a new Callie's Picks "Reddy For Fall" and MSW released two floors. I of couse had to buy some items from there. I also bought from Nelly and other shops.
Let's get into it!

Left: Sequin Web Dress - MSW '14
Middle: Patrycia Dress: Callie's Picks
Right: Recycled Linen Wedding Dress

Top Left:
Short Leather Dress MSW' 14

Top Right:
Tennis Miniskirt -Original Future
Bardot Fitted Top - Nelly

Bottom Left:
Chain Envelope Clutch -MSW '14
Burgundy Shoulderbag - Callie's Picks RFF

Bottom Center: Gold Sequin Skirt - Rio

Bottom Right: HotBuys Leopard Jacket - Bonjour Bizou

Hope you all enjoyed this post, I'm thinking of doing a makeup haul. Let me know what you think :)

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