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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Hey babes!
SO SO SOO sorry for not posting, i been sooooo busy. I'm in the university now and with all the homework i just use stardoll sometimes.

I'm in the marketing and publicity carrer and i'm so happy!
As much as you know, i want to be photographer when i grow up, and i'll take photography in my next semester. This carrer is so perfect to me, because i have to explain subjects in the front of the class and my friends are soo amazing!

I want to share some pics from my school, hope u like:) (click them)
If you want to see more pics follow me, click here (instagram)

Also, i decided to change the look of my doll,
something dark, minimalism and idk, i love it

Cave painting sweater
Black jearsey mini skirt
Black zip jeans
Martie clutch
Afrique of nature platfoarms

And like always, i want recommend you guys a fuc*ing awesome song. 
i'm soooooo obsessed with Bad suns.

Love u guys!

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