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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nailed It!

Hello everyone, so one of my recent Stardoll obsessions is my doll's nails.
I've been experimenting with her nails a lot, and I decided to share with you the look
That I've just fallen in love with.

The Look:

Base Color: As a base I used Snow White nail polish, it cost 11 Stardollars.
Decoration: I used the Seeing The Dots polish, it cost 13 Stardollars.
Top Coat: I used the clear Top Coat from Polished, it cost 3 Stardollars.

I think this look is really cute, and the price for all the products isn't too bad
It adds up to 27 Stardollars.

Let me know what your favorite nail look is in the comments below.


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