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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Plaid Look

Hellooo, so it has been raining a lot here and I feel like it's autumn already, so I thought I'd create an autumn-look for you guys. I'm a big fan of plaid things, especially scarves so I was excited about using the Burberry Inspired Scarf by Mortal Kiss. And as always, I used the Pet-à-Porter' Open Black Cape. I also wanted to use these shoes for a long time but I couldn't really find a good match, I think it worked out perfectly here. I hope you like it! Big kiss, Emma
Open Black Cape - Pet-à-Porter
Black Crop Top - Original Future
Plaid Wrap Around Skirt - It Girls
Black Cigarette Pants - Windows of the World
Burberry Inspired Scarf - Mortal Kiss
Gray Toe Stockings - Sonia Rykiel Tribute
Stiletto Oxfords - Miss Sixty

Friday, August 22, 2014

Burger King

Hey everyone! So I recently decided to switch back to my boy Medoll
For a while before experimenting with the new Voile collection, and preparing for MSW. I just felt like playing around with boy clothes for a bit.
I fell in love with the latest Mr. G collection. I thought it suited my style perfectly. So here is one of the outfits I created in the past few days.

The Outfit:
Shirt: Denim Styled Shirt- Mr. Garcon
Pants: Yellow Mellow Pants- Mr. Garcon
Shoes: White Spring Sneakers- Mr. Garcon
Hat: Brooklyn Cap- Original Future
Bracelet: Killah Leopard Bangle- Killah
Tatto: Costa Rica Tatto Sleeve- Ink'd

-Drew :)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

We Used To Be Closer Than This

Round Sun Shades- Riviera
Printed Dress- Achive (Bazaar)
Cut Clean Shirt- Cheap Monday (
Chanel Chains Handbag- Channel (Bazaar)
Black Pleather Platforms- Archive (Bazaar)
Heavyweight Black Platforms- Fallen Angel 


Hello guys! It's been a while... Sorry. I'm back in school, so it's hard to post.
I'll try.


Friday, August 8, 2014

I'm The New B****!

sorry about the bad quality

Célfie Hat-
Basic Black Short Top- Basics
Sharp Cape Blazer- RIO
Trash Tie Shorts- Velvet Orchid 
Studded Stiettos- Velvet Orchid

xoxo ♥ 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nailed It!

Hello everyone, so one of my recent Stardoll obsessions is my doll's nails.
I've been experimenting with her nails a lot, and I decided to share with you the look
That I've just fallen in love with.

The Look:

Base Color: As a base I used Snow White nail polish, it cost 11 Stardollars.
Decoration: I used the Seeing The Dots polish, it cost 13 Stardollars.
Top Coat: I used the clear Top Coat from Polished, it cost 3 Stardollars.

I think this look is really cute, and the price for all the products isn't too bad
It adds up to 27 Stardollars.

Let me know what your favorite nail look is in the comments below.


Sunday, August 3, 2014

new new

Hey dollies:3
i want to renovate the blog, and i need to know what you want to see here.I mean, like make ups, tips, news, anything, make me know in the comments:)
xx, Gaby

Friday, August 1, 2014

Denim Shorts Look

Heeeey dollies, I'm hoping you're all having a lovely summer with beautiful summer outfits! I've wanted to make a look with these shorts for a long time, but they always looked stupid for some reason. I think they look really great here, I like the fact that the bottom of the Original Future' After Gym Shirt looks like a pocket coming out under the shorts. The bag doesn't really do anything for the outfit but I added it because I wanted a bag I've never used before and I don't like outfits that are 'too matched'.
After Gym Shirt - Original Future
Glitter Sheer Top - Bizou
Light Cutoff Shorts - Bizou
Paris Bag - Young Hollywood
Cut Out Platform Shoes - Archive

The Doll

In Stardoll we all are dolls, aren't we? However, we tend to dress like we want to in real life.
For this look I attempted to combine the look of a porcelain doll with the look of a modern girl.
I made this wig cute and curly - just like a doll's. We have the lacey dress, BUT I put on my favourite black accessories AND a spiky necklace.

I hope you like this look!
Kisses, Monica