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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Old Hot Buys (part 4)

Hello! The main item in today's outfit are these uber-cute pink pumps that were released in April 2007 (and were in the March 2007 release of 10 hot buys).

The outfit in which I put the pumps is casual and very appropriate for a summer day at the mall. I added a cropped top by Dior and charming pink shorts to match. I kept the colour gamma simple - pink and white only. Of course, an outfit always needs a bag, so here is a cute small one. On top of that, I added a fashionable wild necklace to make the outfit more expressive.
Here's a closeup to my doll's face:
I adore pink lipstick, I wear it a lot in real life too! For your doll, if you have various eyeshadows, apply some bits of different colours, as well as some blush on the cheeks to get the natural make-up look.
These earrings are one of my favourite jewellery items on Stardoll - I think they were Hot Buys at a certain point, but I couldn't find in which issue. Anyways, they help complete the casual summer daytime look.

I hope you like this post! It would make me happy if I inspired you.
Love, Monica

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