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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Old Hot Buys (part 3)

Hello! The item that is in the center of today's post is the amazing patchwork bag, which is one of  my personal favorites ever on Stardoll! It's so 2006. Lol. Although it's not the most fashionable item, it's really cute, and I adore its colors.
I found its application in this party outfit, which has some hipster influence (probably because of the short bustier top, which, by the way, matches the bag perfectly). Completed with light blue shoes and white high-waist trousers, the outfit is perfect for a crazy night out, if you like partying.

 Let's take a closer look to my doll's jewellery. I picked wonderful shiny earring, which are also really old, and they were hot buys in March 2007. I also added a necklace which I got for free from some special offer a long time ago. It's quite pretty as well - honestly, I love everything that gives the BLING BLING effect to my outfits!
I hope you like this outfit! Feel free to experiment with your style.
Love, Monica

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