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Thursday, July 31, 2014


Hey everyone! im doing this giveaway for all the readers of this blog
all you need to do is leave a comment with:

  1. Your doll name:
  2. What do you want?: 

  • Double brested trench (DKNY coat)
  • Morning tide dress
  • Cheap monday tee 

AND follow the blog (the button is at the final of the blog)

I will pick the 3 lucky winners the 
August 10th (Sunday)

Good luck!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Old Hot Buys (part 5)

Today's item are these wonderful old hot buys earrings. They're very summery and "rio" and at first I imagined them combined with shorts, a cropped top and killer golden heels. I did keep the heels in the outfit -- but I did change the configuration completely. I made a "cold summer night out" outfit, including the Daffodil heels, an item I've wanted for a long long time (now released in Callie's picks, thank Stardoll).
Combine with dark lipstick and beautiful trousers (and keep it golden and twinkly), and voilá.

I hope you like this outfit!
Kisses, Monica

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

happy little pill

Three checkered shirt
Chanel insp shopper
Black jersey mini skirt
Black holiday sandals

Summer Old Hot Buys (part 4)

Hello! The main item in today's outfit are these uber-cute pink pumps that were released in April 2007 (and were in the March 2007 release of 10 hot buys).

The outfit in which I put the pumps is casual and very appropriate for a summer day at the mall. I added a cropped top by Dior and charming pink shorts to match. I kept the colour gamma simple - pink and white only. Of course, an outfit always needs a bag, so here is a cute small one. On top of that, I added a fashionable wild necklace to make the outfit more expressive.
Here's a closeup to my doll's face:
I adore pink lipstick, I wear it a lot in real life too! For your doll, if you have various eyeshadows, apply some bits of different colours, as well as some blush on the cheeks to get the natural make-up look.
These earrings are one of my favourite jewellery items on Stardoll - I think they were Hot Buys at a certain point, but I couldn't find in which issue. Anyways, they help complete the casual summer daytime look.

I hope you like this post! It would make me happy if I inspired you.
Love, Monica

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Old Hot Buys (part 3)

Hello! The item that is in the center of today's post is the amazing patchwork bag, which is one of  my personal favorites ever on Stardoll! It's so 2006. Lol. Although it's not the most fashionable item, it's really cute, and I adore its colors.
I found its application in this party outfit, which has some hipster influence (probably because of the short bustier top, which, by the way, matches the bag perfectly). Completed with light blue shoes and white high-waist trousers, the outfit is perfect for a crazy night out, if you like partying.

 Let's take a closer look to my doll's jewellery. I picked wonderful shiny earring, which are also really old, and they were hot buys in March 2007. I also added a necklace which I got for free from some special offer a long time ago. It's quite pretty as well - honestly, I love everything that gives the BLING BLING effect to my outfits!
I hope you like this outfit! Feel free to experiment with your style.
Love, Monica

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer pastels

Hello dollies!
I adore summer outfits because of their simplicity. When you have to wear few clothes because of the heat, it is very difficult to make your look interesting. However, if you have some accessories that match your clothes, it is, in my opinion, a good idea to put as many as you can!
I love combining cute clothes with dark accessories: in my case, these are a skull necklace, a cute black bag, black heels and a black chain belt. I did add a cute pearl bracelet and cute retro white-framed sunglasses, because I cannot live without cute stuff. I also chose a loose wind-blown hairstyle that I designed.
When it comes to make-up, use something natural combined with black eyeliner to complete the look.

I hope you like this style!
Love, Monica

Friday, July 25, 2014


Hey everyone!
As much as you know, i REALLY love the colorfull hairs. 
I was looking for beautiful hairs and i found this

I think they have the best wigs.
I want to make one but i'm not really good with that stuff lol.
I love the lilac hair, so, my doll have it.

Let me your comments:))
xx, G

Summer Old Hot Buys (part 2)

Hello, beauties! These are the two cute old HB items that I will present.
I've always wondered with what to match these orange shorts, and finally, I created the beachy combo:

I hope you like this outfit!
Thank you for reading :)
Kisses, Monica

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Maybe I'll Call ya

Mira Denim Vest/ It Girls
Belt/ Bizou (x2)
Multi Color Studded Skirt/ Elle (bazaar)
lauren Sandals/

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Old Summer

I adore unusual stuff. I chose an ugly grey sweater and beige shorts as the plain base of the outfit, added some black accessories to give it more edge, and since it is summer, I put on a big sun hat.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Well I suppose all good things come to an end, Stardoll has announced that the Sephora shop will be closing July 21, only two more days! I loved this store, I bought every single item inside.
I use my Sephora products a LOT, so I was happy spending the 400+ SD that I did.

I highly recommend getting items from Sephora if you haven't already
The colors are amazing, pigmentation is decent. I personally love Sephora
About the same amount as Transform which is my all time favorite beauty store.

Well, that's it


PS: What do you think of the new Tress-Up Hairs?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Winter Look

Hiii lovies, I have got a new look for you! First of all, I fell in love with the new Tress Up collection, there are a lot of beautiful hairpieces, some of them didn't look good on my doll tho. I started this outfit with the Woven Black Capelet from Gucci, I've never worn it before so I thought maybe I could make something nice out of it, and I think I did! The outfit is very simple, I think all of my outfits are, but I really like it!
Woven Black Capelet - Gucci Tribute
Turtleneck Top - It Girls
Black Cigarette Pants - Windows On The World
Burnt Sienna Stripe Purse - DVF Tribute
Sparkly Silver Socks - Saint Laurent Tribute
Basic White Oxfords - Basics

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kiss Me Hard Before You Go

YSL Dotted Blazer/ Bazaar
Cropped Tee/ Bizou
Shorts/ Pretty 'n Love
Chanel Chains Handbag/ Bazaar
Black Round Toed Pumps/

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Good girl👌

Blush jeweled jacket, Viborg dress, Lace dots purse
and Spring platforms clogs

the man who sold the world

so as you can see, im back!
and omg ive got a bunch of outfits that i cant wait to share with you.
today im here with this kind of super basic(and sky ferreira inspired)outfit.

so lets begin:

-Beastly Sun Glasses
-It Girls short sleeved blouse
-It Girls frou frou skirt
-Stardoll Academy tights(free)
-Fallen Angel nineties platforms
-Hair and lips by me
-Beanie by Oleana-Berenice

Friday, July 11, 2014


Bandeau Bra Sand/ Underneath Stardoll
Sharp Cape Blazer/ RIO
Black deep V top/ Perfect Day
Diana Pencil Skirt/ Bazaar
Metal Stripe Heels/ Fallen Angel


xoxo ♥

Monday, July 7, 2014


oversized bow
basic black short top
medley jkt
preppy sweater
plaid swish skirt
gray flippa K booties

Sunday, July 6, 2014

It's Heaven in Earth

Terumi Sweat/
Rowtag Trousers/ Miss Sixty
Heavyweight Black Platforms/ Fallen Angel
Black DvP Shopper Tote/ Bazaar



Friday, July 4, 2014


Clean Cut Shirt/
Chanel Chains Handbag/ Bazaar
Tigh Remake Red/
Lauren Sandals/


lol almost all itens are from nelly. 
Bye :)

xoxo Anne 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

San cisco

Trill hat
Mr. street sweatshirt
Boyfriend shirt
Basic black leggins
Grey flippa K booties
Chanel chain handbag

It Make Me Think 'Bout You

Sorry about the bad quality¹

Spike Hair Chain/
Sequined Dior Minidress/ Dior Tribute
Champagne London Clutch/ Royalty
Raine Shoes/ Miss Sixty


¹ I'm in another computer and this one is horrible! So sorry about that :(
It won't happen again, I hope.
So, that's it :)

xoxo Anne

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Come Back

Chiffon Train Top - RIO
Leather Hotpants - Versace Tribute
Chanel Chains Handbag - Chanel Tribute
Minimalist Alexander Heels - Bonjour Bizou


It's been a long time since I posted my last entry bc college has taken me all my free
time and my hours of normal sleep.
Now I decided to come back for a while, taking advantage of my vacation to use my doll again. 
Stardoll changed a lot these past months, so I had to change my face 
again with those new eyes that are beautiful. 
Well, I don't have much more to say, only thanks to 
Gaby who lets me come back to this blog, you're amazing girl ♥ 

xoxo Meli 

Best Shot

Get It Sweater/
Black Cut In Two Trousers/ Basic
T-Strap Platforms/ PPQ


Last night I watched the tfios movie (i live in Brazil) and, OMFG I almost died in there! It was so  perf 
I better stop talking about it, 'cause i'll cry :')

xoxo Anne