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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Parlor

Hey everyone, so I have been incredibly busy since I last posted.
I graduated, got a new job, been out of town. So much has been going on.

Anyway, I've found that I really enjoy monochrome outfits now, more so than I did
Before last month's challenge. I created this outfit, and I felt this room was perfect.
I love the idea of photoshoots. So hope ya like. :)

Shirt: White T-Shirt- Basics
Shorts: Bike Chain Belt Shorts- Millionaire Mansion
Shoes: Black Round Toed Pumps- Nelly
Jacket: Heidi Seattle Sweater- Saint Laurent Paris Tribute
Necklace: PPQ Gold Chain Necklace- PPQ
(Wig is from Swaggajaylove)

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