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Wednesday, May 7, 2014



     So for this outfit I had the pleasure to work with my friend Ondre (you should check his page, he is pretty awesome). So the first thing that we were looking for in the creation progress, was that we wanted to layer up the clothes and accessories. And we found that the see-through shirt from Nelly worked really well underneath the black top from Stardoll Reward, don't you think?? And because we wanted to keep it simple we built the entire outfit in black, by adding those beautiful black lace shorts, that are really trendy now from Pretty in Love, we gave a more classy look to the outfit instead of making it really structural.
    I think the secret for a good outfit is trying to bring the eye attention to one single part, that could be the shirt, skirt, shoes... because otherwise we will over dress ourselves and be a little walking mess. That's why we decided to wear simple accessories, as a hat, those really cute bags from Diane von Fustemberg and the strappy sandals from Fallen Angel, that not claim much attention, but are steel cute.

jacket / shirts and Stardoll Reward / shorts Pretty in Love / bags DvF / shoes Fallen Angel / hat Bizou
outfit credits Ondre / photo credits myself / suit sergioa's 

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