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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

In my way /ask

White classic top
White mini skirt
First voile bridal skirt
laptop case
Osaka ultra high platforms


Hey babes:)
this october is my 18 birthday and i want to celebrate 
with a tattoo.
I know it's a little crazy but i always dreamed with a tattoo that have a meaning to me, you know
sooo, i was thinkin in this one: (with the pink flower emoji)

Can you help me to choose one? let me in the comments which one you like more
if you want to know why this tattoo, you can check the story in my album



  1. I would choose a non-flowing script people could understand it at a glance. Your story was so sad yet very powerful ..I wish your dream comes true for you ♥

    1. owh, that's a pretty good ideaa, thanks swetie:3