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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fashion Challenge: Monochrome May

Hello everyone! So every month since January I've been challenging my self in real life, I started with a fashion challenge, and last month I decided to drink mostly water as my beverage. So I felt it was only appropriate to adopt some type of challenge for Stardoll, and my blog posts as well. So I believe I mentioned my little obsession with black and white in my last post, and this is where I got my idea from.

Since it is spring, I do love to rock the colors, however since this is a challenge I've decided to only wear black and white outfits all month long , so ever outfit I post will be monochrome! I'm super excited to do this, and hopefully I'll become more inspired to create outfits.

So for today's outfit, I decided to go a little "trendy"
Wide legged pants are totally in for spring according to, and since I got these pants, and the white version from decades I decided to try my luck at rocking them.

Shirt: Clean Cut Shirt- Cheap Monday
"Sleeves": Cropped Perfecto Jacket- Fallen Angel
Pants: High Waisted Leg Trousers- Decades
Bag: Gabriel Bag- PPQ
Shoes: Black Round Toed Pumps-
Belt (You can't see it under the shirt: Chelsea Belt- It Girls


  1. omg i love the idea, i really love black and white clothes lol. Minimalism it's my favorite style