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Saturday, May 31, 2014


An outfit with brown and orange
colors. Probably something I would
wear if I'm going traveling somewhere ^o^

FM Tank Top - Frankie Morello
Leopard Breeze Skirt - Callie's Picks
Laptop Case - Mr.
Weekend Bag - Freebie
Peach Stacked Wood Platforms - Freebie cx

Cutevenice188 ♥


This outfit is perfect if you're
going to have a picnic at the
outskirts of the town. ouo

Clean Cut Shirt - Nelly
Traditional Danish Blouse - WOTW
Summer Dress - Unknown
Bring Me Flowers Tote - Pretty n' Love
Daisy Headband - Pretty n' Love
Valentina Heels - Miss XV

Cutevenice188 ♥


Omg i'm so sorry everybody for not posting
for a long time! To make it up to you, I've
prepared three looks and will post them
all tonight. Andddd I'll post two more tomorrow.
I'm sorry again ;__;

Black Crop Top - Original Future
Twister Skirt - Other World
Fringe Purse - Freebie
Circle Glasses - Killah
Black Holiday Sandals - It Girls

Cutevenice188 ♥

Final Monochrome May Post!

Well, this has been a interesting challenge. I wore basically black and white all month long.
I'm so happy I stuck this out, I won't lie though I miss my colors!

Here is the last outfit for the month!

Jacket: Subcouture Jacket- Subcouture
Shirt: Paris Tee- It Girls
Skirt: Checker Skirt- Bonjour Bizou
Shoes: Leonora Shoes- ???
Glasses: Circle Glasses- Killah

Friday, May 30, 2014

MM | Military Chic+ New Facial Features

Hey everyone! So recently, like a few days ago Stardoll released some new facial features. Lips, Noses, and Eyes.
I somewhat like the new lips, and eyes. What are your thoughts?
I know they are a bit too big for the face sometimes, so if you switched how are you working them?

Summer is almost here!

A little bit of black, a little bit of torn jeans, and a cute colourful purse.
I hope you like it!
Love, Monica x

Thursday, May 29, 2014


I'm really so tired of this.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Audrey top
Deconstructed white skirt
Shoulder slung moto jkt
Bracelet clutch
Afrique of nature platforms


also, new face!


Hat - PPQ
Scarf Chanel Tribute
Necklace - Decades
Bow - It Girls
Coat - PPQ
Clutch - Gucci Holiday Tribute
Bag Pêt-à-Porter
Shoes - Decades

Colorful darkness

This outfit is inspired by the cool summer nights, when it's too cold to go without a jacket, and it's too warm to go with pants.
I used a belt and shoes by DKNY to make the outfit look classier, but anyway everything except the jacket is $0. :)
I hope you like the outfit!
Love, Monica

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hello everyone! It was my prom a few days ago. These are the stardoll clothes that were closest to my real ones. I chose this dress because it is in a really gentle shade, and the shiny gem belt makes an accent on it.

I hope you like it :]

Love, Monica

Monday, May 26, 2014

Monochrome May| Boy 002

Hey everyone! So I've haven't posted in a while because I was out of town graduating :)
Anyway, so I'm back to finish out the month. I have a few posts for you guys.

Vest: Metal Trim Vest- Fallen Angel
Shirt: Clean Cut Shirt- Cheap Monoday
Pants: White Cigarette Pants- Mr. Garcon
Shoes: Darin Shoes- Mr. Garcon
Bag: White Beach Pack- Riviera
Jacket: Shoulder Slung Moto Jkt- Evil Panda

Loosing my religion

sorry for been desconected, i'm in final exams so i don't have a lot of free time:(
Btw, hope u like this song, i just love it. It's one of my favs.

Bisou hat
Chain necklace (i'm obsessed with this)
Passepartout grey blouse
Ruffled pocket pants
Chanel chains handbag
Buckled boots with mesh

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Rebel Look

It's been a while but here's a new look for you guys, this look is pretty old but I still love it and want to share it with you guys. Hope you like it :-)
Floral Applique Coat - Vivienne Tam
Black Crop Top - Original Future
Silver Tank - ???
Gisele Sao Paulo FW Shorts - Young Hollywood
YSL Logo Platforms - Saint Laurent Paris Tribute
High Heel Ankle Boots w/ Studs - Fallen Angel
Guemila Booties - Louboutin Tribute  

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kylie Jenner Inspired




Wednesday, May 21, 2014


White collared crop top
Stardesing shirt, Feline
White knot shirt
HB valentin jkt
Classic silken scarf
Ruffled pocket pants
Pink cross wedges

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Let's do it, let's fall in love.

Turban - Window on the World
Coat - Decades
Bag - Callie's Picks
Chinos - It Girls
Shirt - Callie's Picks
Scarf - Pretty n' love
Shoes - 

Have a nice day, Amaia xx

Sunday, May 18, 2014

MM | Boy

 Hey Guys! So it's been a while since I posted
I have been extremely busy with activities leading up
To my graduation this weekend! I have not dropped the ball
Which makes me happy. Its more than halfway through the month and I've still created outfits (albeit irregularly) in monochromatic shades.

So I decided to go back to my boy Medoll for a change
I've missed my silver hair XD

The Outfit:
Jacket: Medley Jacket- Nelly
Shirt: Paris Tee- It Girls, Gym Shirt- Mr. Garcon
Around waist:Preppy Sweater- Mr. Garcon
Pants: Skinny Black Jeans- Mr. Garcon
Bag: YSL Bowler Bag- Saint Laurent Paris Tribute
Shoes: Militar Mr. Boots- Mr. Garcon
Necklace: PPQ Gold Chain Necklace- PPQ (New Fave!)


hi guys!                                                                                          

sorry bc i haven't posted later.
my laptop is crazy and school is
driving me insane.

but i can post now (i guess).

so yeah, in this look i was 
inspired on Kylie Jenner's 
face jewelry.

and on the boho stuff from
callies pick's too.

and i created this boho-pale-weird

things i used on this outfit:

top - pretty n' love
cardigan - riviera
belt - linited edition
skirt - callie's picks
shoes - chanel tribute

Friday, May 16, 2014


Killah black hat
Oslenboye denim jk
Long slit skirt
basic top
West egg purse
Metal stripe heels

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Golden shades:

Glasses - Decades // Top - Archive // Skirt - Archive // Bag - Bonjour Bizou // Shoes - Archive

Acne Studios

Acne shirt, designed by me
Denim Jacket
Khakis pants
Classic brogue shoes

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

MM | Week 2: Monday

It was a long weekend, and Monday just dragged by.
This outfit reflects the lazy mood I was in. I wasn't up for dramatics, I didn't even put a lot of makeup on my doll.
I stayed very simplistic.

The Outfit:
Jacket: Blows White Robe- Riviera
Dress: Basic White Fitted Dress- Basics
Shoes: Malta Clear Stilletoes- Riviera
Necklace: Mega Necklace- Cheap Monday

Monday, May 12, 2014

MM | Week 2: Sporty

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a good Mother's Day
If you celebrated it yesterday. I put this outfit together on Saturday, and wore it on Sunday as well because I had no time to change.
I was inspired from The Face Australia tv show, they did a high end sport equipment photoshoot, and this is where my inspiration led.

The Outfit:
Jacket: Preppy Jacket- Mr. Garcon
Dress: Net See Through Dress- Original Future
Socks: Knee Sport Socks- Rio Chicas
Shoes: Black Platform Heels- Decades
Glasses: Gaga Glasses- Spectactular

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I'm toxic

Celfie hat
Passeparttout grey blouse (I LOVE IT)
Stonewashed jeans
Classic black handbag
Chanel chains handbag
Alexa tap shoes

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sporty chic:

Hat - Original Future // Hoodie - Rio // Sweater - // 
Shorts - Original Future // Bag - It Girls // Shoes - Bonjour Bizou

Have a nice day, Amaia xx

MM | White Edition

Hey everyone, this is the outfit I wore yesterday.
I literally fell in love with this one, I think it has to do with the cape/blazer which is one of my all time favorite items on SD.

The Outfit:
Jacket: Sharp White Cape Blazer- Rio Chicas
Dress: Snowled Dress-
Shoes: Charcoal Ankle Boots- Evil Panda
Bracelet: Steel Waterfall Arm Ornament- Velvet Orchid

Friday, May 9, 2014

Get ready for the weekend

    Hi guys, I'm so excited for this upcoming weekend, I have so many plans to do. 
    If you guys haven't notice I love basics color, and is really rare from me to wear any kind of pattern. I think one piece of clothing that is really important in anyone closet is a white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, i could say they are the most important, at list for me. I find beauty in simplicity, that way I could say that my outfits are really basic, like this one, where i combine a simple white shirt from Basics with a blue patchwork jeans from Limited Edition. For the accessories i decided to use the pearl bracelet from Chanel and the military boots from

    Also a really interesting fact about Stardoll is that it features so many different designers, for example, the bag that I decided to wear for this outfit is originally from Gucci SS14, but you can found it at Bizou, I think is a must have for this season, it will be perfect to bring some color to your outfits and is also really summery, so it will be perfect for this time of the year.

T-shirt Basics  /  jeans LE  /  bag Bizou  /  boots  /  accessories Chanel
outfit sergioa / photos taken by me

Alexander Mcqueen insp.

Hey guys, i was in tumblr and i found the  menswear alexander mcqueen 14' show, and i just love it some pieces. I just want to share some of my fav. looks

MM | Week 2

Hey everyone, so after looking at the picture I realized the sleeves of the jacket are brown. Anyway, this is what I wore yesterday for my challenge. I decided that I would use gold, silver, or neutral color accessories because I'm running out of black and white items.

The Outfit:
Jacket: Color Block Motorcycle Jkt: Callie's Picks
Top: Black Bra- Fallen Angel
Shorts: Editorial Shorts: Decades
Boots: Layer Boot Hide- Cheap Monday
Tattoo: Dreamcatcher Leg Tattoo- Ink'D
Bracelet(S): Peace Sign Bracelets- Callie's Picks (60 SC!)
Necklace: Lykke Necklace-

Thursday, May 8, 2014



     Hi guys, so today's outfit was inspired by a street style that a saw the other they walking around NYC, and I loved it because it was casual but elegant at the same time. I think New York is a city full of inspiration, anywhere you go has an artsy face, I especially love New York (not just because is my home), to me it feels like every single street or building has so many stories to tell. And also is a city where you could wear a paper bag as a hat and people would not ever judge you, so that's where I find so much inspiration for my outfits, for today's i decided to where this beautiful Diane von Fustemberg maxi V-neck white dress, that I think is very sexy and elegant at the same time, but I didn't wanted to be dressy, so I decided to matched with a blue jean jacket. I think the results were really good, don't you think??  For the accessorise I select a really simple pair of black stilettos, and a really simple square purse from DvF, but you can found it also at the Callie's Picks store.

jacket Bizou / dress and purse DvF / shoes Velvet Orchid
outfit sergioa / photos taken by me