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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New new new

I'm new here, so, hello, lol
So, if you don't know me, let me tell you some things about me
My name is Simone
I'm from Mexico, Gaby.reyna is my sister (she is cool, love her)
ummm, what else?
My favorite color is Gray
My acc are inspired in the model Simone nobili

i watch my sister play this like, everyday, so i say
why not?, soo..she recomended me take the simonenobili nickname

more about:
Coffiee, Girls, Talk, Draw, Photography, Art, old rock music, food, Tumblr, minimalism, cheesecake, and others things
Don't like:
color orange, food that taste like orange, and...i think that is all lol

soo, if you want to be my friend visit my basic shitty suite Here.

This is my look
Famous t-shirt
Safari Parka (jacket)
Burgendy jeans
Suede saddle shoes

Btw, maybe i will post one time per week or something, because i'm poor and i don't have a lot of clothes, i just starting this acc.

Thanks for read!


  1. omg, you are here!, welcome perf boy, love this look!

    1. suuup, thanks so muuuch, you perf girl<3

    2. omg i'm a looser, i responded with gaby's acc, sorry! hahahah i'm new in this shit.
      thanks anyways!

  2. SIMON! So glad to see you here. I totally adore this look. Absolutely gorgeous

    1. thanks mads! i'm a looser and i responded with gaby's account. omg.sorry