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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Makeup 002: Simple 50's Inspired Look

So I bought a whole lot of items from Decades, the other day with mostly everything being 50% off it was hard to resist! If you are familiar with Decades you'll know that a lot of the pieces in there are inspired by past years. So I was inspired to do this look.

In the 50's makeup was classic and simple. When researching for this look, I saw that most people went for for just mascara, liner; lipstick, and blush.

My Look

Black Fluid Liner (Top Lashline): 3 Stardollars
Pearl White (Bottom lashline): 4 Stardollars
Lengthening Mascara: 2 Stardollars
Volumizing Mascara: 3 Stardollars

Pink Legacy Blush: 8 Stardollars
Chestnut Blush (Contour) 5 Stardollars (It was on sale, Reg price is 10 SD I believe).

Flame Red Lipstick: 8 Stardollars

Everything with the exception of the Chestnut blush, can be found in the catalogue, or in the actual Dots store.

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