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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dolce & Gabbana: SS13 "Sicilian Beauty" Inspired

Dolce & Gabbana has been my favourite brand ever seen I stepped into fashion world long time ago, and this collection is my favourite! So glad they released this collection in Riviera store and this bodysuit with its unique wicker cage is so eye catching!

The headscarfs are so adorable and I've been dying to save my money to buy one (I saw it last time at Harrods it cost over £200) and the big earrings are just perfect!

I N  T H I S  L O O K

I'm wearing:
Basket Sculpted Dress from Riviera
Hibsicus Print Headscarf from Riviera
Azul Silk Headscarf from Riviera
Dancing Lady Earrings from Riviera
Blowing Tassel Purse from Riviera
Beach Resort Purse from Riviera
Wooden Sculpture Platforms from Riviera
Film Noir Shades from Subcouture
Anchor Bracelet from Wild Candy
Rio Bangles from Rio Chicas

Hope you like this look!

For the makeup, I use really light natural colours. Pardon my doll's shadings, I wished to remove it for some time but it takes me so much time to put it back again and I'm such a lazy ass so I didn't do it.

For the shadings: you can use white, beige, or even light grey. Try to keep it all natural, we want to see the pure sicilian beauty. Plus, don't forget the mascara but use the 'lengthening' one and a light cat eyeliner.

For the blush: I used pinkish blush on the cheek bone area, below the eyes and caramel, or light brown color on the rest of the cheek (down parts)

For the lips: apricots, light pink or any other of soft colors works really good. But remember to keep it natural! Don't overuse them. I suggested to use the lipgloss instead the lipsticks.

You guys should watch this


  1. OMG. go awaaaaay, i love it! is just perfect. omg.

  2. I think I've watched just about every fashion show on youtube Lol!
    Love this outfit, you look amazing as usual!