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Friday, April 4, 2014

Decades Haul: Goodbye Decades

In case you didn't notice, Inside Fashion uber close to 500 posts! Woot!

Now back to the scheduled programming....

So as most of you probably already know, Decades is closing down. I've always loved Decades, and the items in it, but for some reason I've never really got any items from there. So with the store closing down, Stardoll is having a half off sale! So I topped up and spent quite a bit getting the items I loved from the store before it shut down.

So these were my favorite items out of the jackets and dresses I bought.They include: The Double Breaster Short Coat (Top left)  the Side Button Dress (Far left bottom) The Houndstooth Suit, The Printed Waistcoat, the Tea Time Dress, the Grey Tea Time dress, The Roaring White Blazer, The Golden Birds dress, the Calitiscope dress, and finally the Golden Age Sport Dress which warms my little minimalistic heart! ;)

Do you have any favorite items from Decades? Let me know in the comments section! #almost500

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  1. omg. 500 posts! i didn't notice! thanks to all(':
    I love Decades, i just love the dresses, i love vintage style.