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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Monochromatic 1

Hey everyone, so I've been working with a lot of black and white
Outfits lately, I've also been going really simple. I like the top with
This jacket. I'm loving monochrome outfits as of late, so the next couple of posts will probably feature monochromatic looks

Shirt: Joy Top-
Pants: V Waist Trousers- Decades
Shoes: White Tipped Holiday Booties- Wild Candy
Bag: Fancy Picnic Bag- Decades
Jacket: Preppy sweater- Mr. Garcon

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Hi guys!
Sooo sorry for do no post in a long time, hehe, you know, i don't have a greeeat style, so,
i like yo share with you my favs looks.
I just bought this jacket and it's my favorite. Also, i looove this shirt, hehe.

Killah black hat
Famous t-shirt
Skinny black jeans
Cool black jacket
Mr bicolor sole sneakers

ϟ Sweet Surrenders ϟ

Here's another grungy
outfit for you guys! I hope
you like it :))

Items used:

Faux Leather Top  from It Girls
Sad Printed Top  from Nelly
Feather Fox Skirt  from Callie's Picks
Hotbuys Volcano Tights  from Original Future
Black DvF Shopper Tote  from Callie's Picks
Rubens Bag  from Rio
Charlun Shoes  from Killah
PPQ Gold Chain Necklace  from PPQ



Jacket - Decades
Blouse - Bizou
Necklace - PPQ
Pants - Royalty
Belt - Apres Ski
Shoes - Young Hollywood
Clutch - Mr.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

we don't have enough time

(omg my feets look horrible)

Dynasty veil
White mini
Frilly layered skirt
Velvet skirt
Chanel chains handbag
Afrique of nature platfoarms

Cara Delevingne??

ok so...

my doll wasn't ispired by cara delevingne, as you can remember.
But.. i wanted to do something new and fresh, and i changed my doll and stuff..

and then, i saved it and i was like ''No way, i look like Cara Delevingne''.

but then i realized that i didn't, so yeah.. i don't think i look like Cara Delevingne.

things i used on this (fab) outfit:

tee - it girls
belt - limited edition
shorts - hot buys
handbag - chanel tribute
tights - callie's picks
''hand'' jckt - evil panda
shoes - young hollywood

-MissPlayera1990 xox

☓ Dwindling ☓

Soooo you may notice
something different about my doll.
I didn't change much, I just changed
my eyes. Anyways hope you
like this outfit ;D
Items used:

Colorblock Motorcycle Jkt  from Callie's Picks
Status Print Cut Tee  from Archive (N/A)
Black Bloomers  from Pretty n' Love
Leg Tattoo  from Evil Panda
Charlun Shoes  from Killah
Spike Hair Chain  from Nelly

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day n' night:

1.- For the day:

2.- For the night:

Have a lovely day, Amaia xx

Friday, April 25, 2014

✯ Summertime Sadness ✯

As you can guess from the title
, this outfit is inspired by the song
Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey.
I wore a wig that matches Lana's and
used mellow colors to represent the
summertime. Hope you like this outfit! :)

Items used:

White Lace Dress  from Basics
Faux Fur Summer Coat  from It Girls
Freak Furs Skirt  from Original Future
Lace Up Platforms  from Nelly
Daisy Headband  from Pretty n' Love


Thursday, April 24, 2014


things i used on this outfit:

bras - basic
top - rio
bag - callie's picks
pants - limited edition
shoes - callie's picks

kinda obessed with Ed Sheeran lately, so ..

-MissPlayera1990 xox

Basics: Striped

Hey all, so I've been pretty lazy lately I just took
My college finals so I have been in the relaxing mood!
Anyway this is a pretty simple outfit I came up with
The other day.


Top: Tricolor Knit Sweater- Mr. Garcon
Pants: White Cigarette Pants- Mr. Garcon
Bag: White Beach Pack- Riviera
Shoes: Black Booties- Mr. Garcon

PS: I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter, I was traveling most of the day. I thought the site-wide Egg Hunt was great! Here's a pic of me yesterday.

Until Next time,

      Drew :)

Chill out

White collared crop top
Joker bow
Printed silk skirt
Martie clutch
Blue laces shoes

(one of my favorite songs.) <3<3

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stop my pain

Mendes long dress
Basic black fitted dress
Boxy blazar
Cluster necklace
Bag insp. by Chloe
Charcoal heels

◎ Earthy ◎

Happy Earth Day everybody!
I'm so sorry that I wasn't able
to post outfits for the last few days.
It's because I was spending time with
my family and friends. Well, I hope
you enjoy this outfit and remember
to keep the Earth clean and healthy! :D

Items used:

Daisy Headband  from Pretty n' Love
Traditional Danish Blouse  from Windows on The World (N/A)
Stardesign Fashion Jeans made by me 
Art Deco Clutch  from Decades (N/A)
Lace Up Platforms  from Nelly


White Wide Lapel Coat - Apres-Ski
Two Tone Cotton Dress - Pretty n' Love
Skirt Inspired by Alexander Wang - Rio
Double Layer Skirt - It Girls
Pantyhose - Pretty n' Love
Grey Thigh High Tights - Decades
Pastel Ankle Socks - Killah
Steampunk Platforms - LE

This Look helped me win ncg for the 10th time :)


Monday, April 21, 2014

Peeking Through

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! I spent the majority of it on the road, but I had a blast seeing friends and family I hadn't seen in a while.

I bought this shirt as part of a campaign for Biracial children
I adore this shirt, and the message it carries. I think it was well worth the 13 SD I paid for it.


Jacket: Cool Black Jacket- Fallen Angel
Shirt- Swaggajaylove
Pants: Skinny Black Jeans- Mr. Garcon
Bag: Fringe Bag- Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren
Glasses: Circle Glasses- Killah
Hat: Hot Buys Tisci Hat- Original Future (I love this hat!)
Shoes: Pointed Creepers- Fallen Angel

Hope you all like it! If you want to see my daily outfits
Check me out on Stardoll

Until Next Time,


Sunday, April 20, 2014

I'm not the thing you want.

Celfie hat
Medley jacket
Three-quarter stripped top
Ruffled pocket pants
Signature carry all
Optical flats

Simple Look

Hi everyone, so I know this look is kind of boring, but I personally really like it. I think the shoes are super pretty and those pants are to die for. It's something else than black pants I wear most of the time (also in reallife) I just feel like I only wear nice things in the 'torso-area', lol. If you guys have any idea/tips for nice pants, just let me know!
Glitter Sheer Top - Bizou
Freestyle Top - Original Future
After Gym Shirt - Original Future
Distressed Jeans - It Girls
Malta Clear Stiletto's - Riviera

And I'm sorry about the song but I just love it

couture babe ♥

 things i used on this outfit:

vest - Chanel Tribute
 crop top - Dolce & Gabbana Tribute
belt - Limited Edition
skirt - Yves Saint Lauren Tribute
 high socks - Killah
shoes - Chanel Tribute

- MissPlayera1990 xox

Saturday, April 19, 2014


 Hey everyone! So I was inspired to create this outfit by
James Dean, also by the "Bad Boy" look from the 80s/90s in movies.


Jacket: Medley Jacket-
Shirt: Basic White Best- Rio
Pants: Tigh Towel Blue Jeans- Cheap Monday
Shoes: Military Mr. Boots- Mr. Garcon
Necklace: Hotbuys Record Necklace- Hot Buys

Friday, April 18, 2014

Pink shoes:

Jacket - Bonjour Bizou // Coat - Pretty n' love // Top - Windows on the world // Shirt - Callie's picks // 
Belt - It Girls // Jeans - Bonjour Bizou // Bag - Tingeling // Shoes - Riviera

✺ Pinkest of Them All ✺

Hello! So today's outfit
is actually my Easter outfit!
I just bought these shoes hours ago
,and took an awful lot of time to make
an outfit with it! I hope you like it :D
Items used:

Clean Cut Shirt  from Nelly
White Lace Dress  from Basics
Gumdrop Sweater Dress  from Pretty n' Love
Scalloped Punch Blazer  from Callie's Picks
Bow bag  from It Girls
Rosa PVC Stilettos  from Riviera

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

croptop 2.0

Celfie hat
Cropped tee
Lykke necklace
Black jersey mini skirt
Frilly layered skirt
Classic black handbag
Lincoln booties 

Prep For A Day

Hey everyone, so this is my current outfit that I put
Together today. I was inspired by some preppy type
Outfits I saw on Pinterest and Instagram.

Jacket: Preppy Sweater- Mr. Garcon
Shirt: Jared Shirt- Mr. Garcon
Shorts: Beach Boy Shorts- Mr. Garcon
Glasses: Circle Glasses- Killah (Great Unisex Item)
Shoes: Pointed Creepers- Fallen Angel
Tatto: Dream Catcher Leg Tatto- Ink'D

Yellow Mellow

Todays outfit:

Ruffle front blouse - Archive

Eva at rally shorts - Young Hollywood

Citrus studded  crossbody bag - Original Future

Ivoire Orbit socks - Antidote

Banana glitch wedges - JPG tribute

Rose right shoulder piece - Museum mile

Hope you like it :)

Throwback Thursday: White and Yellow

 Hello there! So this is an outfit I created about a month ago, and I never got around to posting. I went crazy buying spring/summer items in the Star Plaza, and the Star Bazaar back then; and I saw this dress in It Girls, and I knew it was going to end up in my closet.

I don't like cap sleeves, but I wanted to wear the dress, so this cropped lace knit blouse was perfect, since I want a bit obsessed with crop tops as well!

Top: Grand Knitted Wedding Blouse- Voile
Dress: Olivia Yellow Dress- It Girls
Shoes: Cream Stilettos- Perfect Day
Bag: Prato In Fiore Shoulder Bag- It Girls

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

☼ yellow like the sun ☼


~ things i used on this outfit ~

jacket - Elle
top -It Girls
belt - Limited Edition
skirt - Stardesing Fashion (Lia_MissCool)
tights - Film Theory Classics
shoes - Jean Paul Gaultier Tribute


-MissPlayera1990 xox

Chinese flowers

White t-shirt
laptop case
Cuffed green chinos
Mr bicolor sole sneakers

Sup guys,
i just want to invite you to follow me on Instagram,
i made this acc just for share my photos.
I DO NOT POST SELFIES, i just don't like that shit, (sorry not sorry)
My acc is for expression. I like to share nature.
This are one of my photos. so... hope you can check it,
btw, i always follow back lel.