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Sunday, March 16, 2014

wait for me

Hi everyone,
i just want to share this song with you guys
It's from one of my favorite movies, The first time

This song it's about love, and make me cry a lot,
i know is silly, but, remember me my first love, who broke my heart
It's a beautiful song, and i love it so so much

hope you like 

Coco dress 1937
Taupe bow belt
Roaring clutch
Peep toe heels

Perhaps I knew her long ago, 
I wrote her poems at 9 years old. 
But then I did become a man, 
and let her slip right through my hands. 

I have you know that all my life 
I have been searching for a wife. 
A partner and a confidant, 
A girl who wants the things I want, 
A girl who doesn't come along, 
'Cause she's already where I'm going. 
Stand upon a broken stage 
I bet you darlin' please, please wait. 

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