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Monday, March 31, 2014

Makeup 001: Blues 'N' Nudes

Hey Guys, so I decided to start posting makeup looks that I come up with (The ones that look good, not the fails!). I've always loved to play in makeup on other people, so Stardoll is a great outlet for me. This look is what I came up with for today to wear with my outfit, I decided that since yesterday I was rocking the bold lips, I was going to go bold on the eyes.

I usually use a whole heckuva lot of products, and colors. I'm going to film a Youtube tutorial on how I got this look if anyone wants to see it. I'll post it later on. Anyway on to the products!

Eyeshadows: Now I used a LOT of colors to get this look, I wanted a blue smokey eye look
I have the "White Collection Eyeshadow" under my brows. I have "Steel Blue" in the middle of my eye lid,  "Night Blue" on the outer corners for the smokey look, and "Azure Sky" on the inner third of the eye lid.

Liners/Eye Pencils: I used a couple of these.
I used the Teal Eye pencil on the inner corner, and Royal White on the bottom lashline and the inner corner.
For liner, I used Teal on the inner third of the top lash line, and black to the outer corners.
I also used the "Steel Blue" eye liner on the bottom lashline to give depth without using black.

Hair/Brows: I am used Dim Grey which is my all time favorite hair color to dye my doll's hair.
I used black brows, and took the saturation of color down in the eyebrow area of the Beauty Parlor.

Lips: I used Melon Madness Lipstick for a nice nude shade, without going really pale.

This was probably all confusing to y'all, but I hope you like this look!
All the products I used can be found in DOTS, if you can't find them in the store, check the catalog they are all there!

Until next time,