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Monday, March 10, 2014


Hey everyone!
I reciently had a lot of free time, so, i want to make a magazine.
In my other blog i used to had a magazine but very patethic, lol, but now i want to made a new one but more profesional, it will be something like Vogue or Seventeen
I mean, a magazine with a lot of graphics, articles and more.
But i need a team to form the full magazine


  • Model:Job: Let me use your face and body for the magazine
  • Writter / Job: i will pass you the article and you will make the full article, with little jokes or more information
  • Photographer / Job: help me to do basic graphics
  • Traductor / Job: I don't write the english very well, so, i need a person that help me with that and correct the mistakes in the articles of others writters

Department Fashion:
  • Make up artist / Job: Find the trends of the season and use the models to make a perfect make up, also, tell us how to use our make up right
  • Stylist trends / Job: Find the trends of the season and tell us how to use the clothes and how to find the perfect outfit
  • Street fashion stylist / Job: tell us the trends of the street style
  • Hair stylist / Job: tell us how wear out hair and tips about our hair (in stardoll and maybe, real life)
Department of Art:
  • Music: Recomend us good music (i need people who had good taste in music)
  • Art: Tell us the trends, and tell us how to make things in our suites
  • Design: Find the best artist of stardoll. I mean, find new art.
  • Literature: Recomend us good books and talk about it

So... I only will make the magazine if i fill the team
Let me in the comments or in my guestobook if you want to form part of the team, and i will ask you for something to show me your work, like a text or something

Please, please if you know someone who know how to made some of this things let me know.

xx, G


  1. I would love to be on your team Gaby :)

  2. I'd love to be a model (if you want of course), unfortunately I have no time to apply for anything else, I will read and support it though. Good luck :)



    1. thank u amaia! i will put you in the list of models:))

  3. I would love to be an Make up artist if you need one!

    1. i love the idea! i'll put you in the list:) thanks!

  4. I'd like model or makeup artist :)))

  5. I could probably do art / music / books, if you could tell me a little bit more about it : )
    Also I love the idea

    1. Look, i want to make an article per magazine, in every article, for example music, you will recomend good music, or you can make a top 10, or talk about some artist in specific.
      About art, you can find an artist in stardoll, and recomend us buy they pieces of art.
      Or books, you can make a top 5 of your favorite books or talk about some book in specific.

      Let me know:)

    2. It sounds really great, I could do that, not sure about books because my preferances are Russian authors so I'm not sure everyone would like it haha
      So I'd like music & art if thats okay?

  6. Both sounds good haha I'd also like writing stuff haha you can put me everywhere I'd just love to work with you on the project :)

  7. So cool! Can I be a model? Here is my portfolio-

  8. Sin duda yo te ayudooooo, puedo ser modelo y puedo ayudarte con los gráficos :3

  9. Count me in Gaby! Can I be a model? And maybe I could be one of the 'department list' jobs. I'd love to work with you :)

    1. sure:) and which one more you want to be? just tell me x

    2. How about a makeup artist? It seems to be the easiest job amongst all :D

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  11. I would like to be a photographer and street style artist :)
    I have experience,I have a Stardoll Magazine,just working at it rigth now xD

    1. thanks babee:) could you contact me on stardoll?