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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Feral Yves

Hey guys, so lately a LOT of new pieces have been catching my eye. Especially Star Coin items.

The shoes I'm wearing in this outfit are called the "Feral Stripe Heels" they are from Rio, and I really enjoyed styling them, you all WILL probably see these babies again!

I've been digging the items Rio has been coming out with while I patiently wait for another boy collection in Mr. Garcon ;)

I chose to go pretty simple as far the outfit.
It consists of:

Controversy Dress: Saint Laurent Paris Tribute
Sharp Cape Blazer (Another Fave): Rio
Black Vinyl Clutch: Archive
Green Belt: Original Future
Shoes: Defer to the top

In case you were wondering:

I am wearing "Bright Purple" lipstick
From Dots on my lips.

On my eyes, I am wearing the White Collection Eye shadow from Dots; and also "Midnight Gray".
With a white eye pencil in the inner corner to add some light. My lower lashline liner is "Moss Green".

All the makeup can be found at Dots, it's affordable ;)

Til Next Time,