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Monday, March 31, 2014

Makeup 001: Blues 'N' Nudes

Hey Guys, so I decided to start posting makeup looks that I come up with (The ones that look good, not the fails!). I've always loved to play in makeup on other people, so Stardoll is a great outlet for me. This look is what I came up with for today to wear with my outfit, I decided that since yesterday I was rocking the bold lips, I was going to go bold on the eyes.

I usually use a whole heckuva lot of products, and colors. I'm going to film a Youtube tutorial on how I got this look if anyone wants to see it. I'll post it later on. Anyway on to the products!

Eyeshadows: Now I used a LOT of colors to get this look, I wanted a blue smokey eye look
I have the "White Collection Eyeshadow" under my brows. I have "Steel Blue" in the middle of my eye lid,  "Night Blue" on the outer corners for the smokey look, and "Azure Sky" on the inner third of the eye lid.

Liners/Eye Pencils: I used a couple of these.
I used the Teal Eye pencil on the inner corner, and Royal White on the bottom lashline and the inner corner.
For liner, I used Teal on the inner third of the top lash line, and black to the outer corners.
I also used the "Steel Blue" eye liner on the bottom lashline to give depth without using black.

Hair/Brows: I am used Dim Grey which is my all time favorite hair color to dye my doll's hair.
I used black brows, and took the saturation of color down in the eyebrow area of the Beauty Parlor.

Lips: I used Melon Madness Lipstick for a nice nude shade, without going really pale.

This was probably all confusing to y'all, but I hope you like this look!
All the products I used can be found in DOTS, if you can't find them in the store, check the catalog they are all there!

Until next time, 

Désir Brûlant

Hey! For today's outfit it's formal yet minimalistic styled, with the white blazer (which is my favourite clothing item here) and matching white trousers. I used only 2 tribute items and the rest is still available on the starplaza. Inspired by the latest collections of Prada.

Hope you like it!

Sharp White Cape Blazer from Rio Chicas
V Waist Trousers from Decades
Low V Swimsuit from Riviera
Brown Thick Belt from Lanvin Tribute
Chanel Chains Handbag from Chanel Tribute
Metal Stripe Heels from Fallen Angel


Sorry for not posting as frequently  as I am suppose to, I'v been so busy!

Heres my look for today:

Double Collar White Jacket - Rio

Steel Panel Skirt - Windows of the world

Xgirl shoes - Subcouture

Hot buys Aristographic clutch - Hot buys weekly

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Feral Yves

Hey guys, so lately a LOT of new pieces have been catching my eye. Especially Star Coin items.

The shoes I'm wearing in this outfit are called the "Feral Stripe Heels" they are from Rio, and I really enjoyed styling them, you all WILL probably see these babies again!

I've been digging the items Rio has been coming out with while I patiently wait for another boy collection in Mr. Garcon ;)

I chose to go pretty simple as far the outfit.
It consists of:

Controversy Dress: Saint Laurent Paris Tribute
Sharp Cape Blazer (Another Fave): Rio
Black Vinyl Clutch: Archive
Green Belt: Original Future
Shoes: Defer to the top

In case you were wondering:

I am wearing "Bright Purple" lipstick
From Dots on my lips.

On my eyes, I am wearing the White Collection Eye shadow from Dots; and also "Midnight Gray".
With a white eye pencil in the inner corner to add some light. My lower lashline liner is "Moss Green".

All the makeup can be found at Dots, it's affordable ;)

Til Next Time,


Party in the U.S.A

I'm in love with this hair. It's just fit me real good and just 'click', like pieces of puzzles.
Hope you like this look!

Sk8r Beanie from Bonjour Bizou
Tompkin Square Dark Jacket from Bonjour Bizou
PPQ Gold Chain Necklace from PPQ
Embellished Spring Top from Bonjour Bizou
Vintage Cut Off from
Graffiti Drawstring Bucket Bag from Antidote
Charlun Shoes from Killah
Red Platform Boots from Antidote
Psychometry Sunglasses from Cheap Monday
'Céline Me Alone' Tee designed by me

(c) ahmadi798

Sweet Daisy

I am back! Been working on my doll's face, and school is just destroying my virtual life.
Here's my spring outfit but it looks more summery but I really adore it so much. I'm a big fan of long dresses and yellow is my favourite color. So this outfit might be the best overall.

Pastel Bow Purse from Pretty n' Love
Olivia Yellow Dress from It Girls
Daisy Headband from Pretty n' Love
Peach Suede Platforms from Subcouture

(c) ahmadi798

Afraid, again

Killah black hat
Clean cut shirt
Classic black weistcoat
Just dance black shirt
Melton coat
Two tone vest
Camera necklace
Bracelet clutch
Baby blue socks
Black platforms loafers

I really like this look, srsly one of my favs.



I guess we all are going to post spring outfits now. Here's mine :]
Thank you for visiting! Kisses, Monica

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Stripped T-shirt
Medley jkt
Two fly jeans
Signature carry all
Bossa hat
Black holiday sandals


Just trying...
(Lol, i didn't see the gray pearl, it's all wrong.)


Crisp White Blazer- It Girls
Black Crop Top- Original Future
High Slit Skirt- Yves Saint Laurent Tribute
Black Wishbone Thin Belt- Gucci Tribute
Black Varnished Shoes- Apres Ski

Style 1: Furry Jacket

Hi, my name is Franck  or [invent me any nickname]. I'm a new writer here. Hope you like my style, and can inspire others.
More about me, I'm 16 young and Belgian. I really love fashion, especially those street styles and the Chanel collections. Beside Chanel, my favourite brands are Alexander McQueen, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Moschino and many more.

Here's some outfit I made today, I spent almost an hour on it (je suis un perfectionniste). Hope you like it :)

In this outfit, I used:
Subcouture Jacket from Subcouture
Mira Denim Vest from It Girls
BAPE Inspired Sweater from Fudge Boys
Faded Denim Shorts from Mr.
Metal Necklace from Mr.
Darin Shoes from Mr.

Well, that's it for today. See you next time :)


Waiting for a Friend

Hotbuys General Jacket/ Bazaar
Black Brand Cop Top/ Fallen Angel
Rowtag Trousers/ Miss Sixty
Classic Black Handbag/ Decades
Traveller Boots/

Sorry again ♥
xoxo Anne 

couture. {weekend's special edition}

 hi ♥ 

so, because it's weekend (and i love weekends) i have a special edition for you.
2 outfits in 1.


also, listen to this sick song, i love it!


 - MissPlayera1990 xox

Friday, March 28, 2014

Don't judge

Cluster necklace
Bird print tank + White T shirt
Black and white jkt
Strech jeans
Black platforms Loafers
Basic black oxfords


Shaggy Sweater Dress - Tingeling
KimK RidingHood Thights - Young Hollywood
Miss Universe Boots - Young Hollywood
Adrianna Boots - Subcouture

Denim world

What I'm wearing:
~ Tube top - Basics
~ Blouse - It Girls
~ Jacket - Miss Sixty
~ Jeans - Stardesign
~ Shoes - Perfect Day

Thursday, March 27, 2014


also, listen to this song, is one of my faves.
hope you like it.

- MissPlayera1990 xox

Peculiar Fellow

Hat: Killah
Glasses: Killah
Tank: Mr. Garcon
Dress: Original Future
Leather "Leggings": Fallen Angel
Jeans: Mr. Garcon
Shoes: Fallen Angel


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

pastel gïrl



Dress - Pretty N' Love.
Jeweled Jacket - Callie's Picks
Handbag - Givenchy Tribute.
Stilettos - Young Hollywood.

- MissPlayera1990 xox

The Last Time

Junk Food Tee - Archive
Styled Miniskirt - Bonjour Bizou
Pro Mic Jacket - ProMicrophone
Mint Le Summer Wedges - LE
White Box Purse - Callie's Picks

This is my last entrance on this blog, I have a lot to do now I've entered in college so I don't have much time. Maybe, when everything is on balance, I'll come back... But for now this is a goodbye.
Thanks A LOT to Gaby who gave me this oportunity, it was amazing ♥

xoxo Meli

Fashion Nomad

I am obsessed with minimalism lately, and I've been wearing a lot of black as well..(No I'm not goth)...

Anyway, this outfit is made up of items
I'm been gushing over for the past weeks.

Jacket: Sharp Cape Blazer- Rio
Shirt: West Egg Blouse- Decades
Skirt: Janice Short Skirt- Nelly
Bag: PPQ AW13 Black Gabriel Ba

i want to be like Kylie

Hollywood boulevard skirt
Basic white long skirt
Lincoln booties
one hand:
Poppy top bag
Black sash
Crossover knot belt
Mariachiara golden shoulder bag
other hand:
Velvet skirt
Boxy blazer
Circle glasses

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

aloha guys.

                                                                      Collared Top - Archive.
                                                                           Top - Antidote.
                                                                        Pants - Fallen Angel.
                                                                       Cardigan - Apres Ski.

hello guys!
i'm so excited to be part of this family.
hope you like my outfits and stuff.
enjoy them!

- MissPlayera1990 xox


Hey guys, i'm Hass (Florescent.), another new writer for this blog :) Today I have put a quick outfit together, hope you like it!


Khaki Pleat skirt - Givenchy Tribute

DKNY One shoulder dress - DKNY

Faux Python Belt - Wild Candy

Malta Clear Stilettos - Privera

Omary Bag - Miss Sixty

Monday, March 24, 2014

Art pop

OMG, i'm SO obsessed with my new shirt
is just perfect. i looove Marilyn

Xx_VoodoDoll_xX is such a great designer and she have a looot of
good stuff, if you want one go to her suite and pick your favorite

Dynasty veil
Best shirt ever
Stonewashed jeans
Ramadam clutch
Blue grape heels

Kurt cobain love

Gangster glam hat
Fudge top
Cobain tom sweater
black sash
DIY slashed pants
Preppy sweater
Camera bag black satin
Lincoln booties

Welcome to the black parade.

This is not what I normally wear, but I decided to try something new, so what do you think?

Opinions? Do you like it? xx