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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Introduction: Dl.eclipse

Hello everyone!
As you can see, I'm a new writer on Inside Fashion blog, thanks to beautiful Gaby.reyna  who invited me. In this post I will just introduce myself, but soon I'll be posting about fashion too!
My name is Dora and I'm from beautiful little county in Europe - Croatia. I'm 19 (soon 20), I go to Law College and my hobbies are Stardoll (ofc), writing, listening to lots of Lana Del Rey and other great music & drinking coffee. I used to write for official Stardoll blog for my country, Croatia, and also I wrote for hotbuysbazaar for some time.
You can see my doll dl.eclipse if you click on the picture:

 Click to visit me!

My style depends on my mood, so I can't tell exactly what it is like. Sometimes I like dark clothes, sometimes pastel, but usually I just pick one item from my closet and build an outfit around it.

I hope you will like my posts, and please feel free to tell me if I need to improve something!

Kisses, Dora ♥


  1. Hello, Dora :) Glad to be on the same team with my best friends on Stardoll!
    (I am Dankaivanova/Monica :D )

  2. Awww Monica! Glad to see you to, you definitely deserve to write here ♥