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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Get the look

Hey guys:)
I made this for an article for stardoll (lol)
hope u like

You can start puting this hair (page 8, level 46)
or you can choose one of you like

First you need to put a base shade,
i use the ''Quest eyeshadow brown'' by stardoll academy (2 layers)
and then ''NaturaFaces eyeshadow brown'' (2 layers)

After that, i put one more layer of the ''Quest eyeshadow brown'' 
*It's important that you try to use the eyeshadow like eyeliner*
Then, you need to use a brown liquid eyeliner , i use the 
''Quest brown eyeliner'' and after that you can use a simple mascara

to continue, i use 2 diferent lipsticks, you can use one if you want.
First the ''Golden fleece'' and then the ''Peach lipstick'' all by Dot

For more definition i use a bronzer,
my favorite is the ''Bronze blush'' by Transform

And finally you can change the color of your eyebrows,
i use my favorite, ''chocolate eyebrow pencil''

And done:))

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