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Friday, February 28, 2014

Under My Skin

CC Hearts Tee - Chanel Tribute
Holiday Hot Buys Cheap Monday Jeans -
Black Sequined Jacket - Callie's Picks
Black Valentino Platforms - Valentino Tribute
Puff Black Bag - Anna Sui Tribute

xoxo Meli ♥

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Get the look

Hey guys:)
I made this for an article for stardoll (lol)
hope u like

You can start puting this hair (page 8, level 46)
or you can choose one of you like

First you need to put a base shade,
i use the ''Quest eyeshadow brown'' by stardoll academy (2 layers)
and then ''NaturaFaces eyeshadow brown'' (2 layers)

After that, i put one more layer of the ''Quest eyeshadow brown'' 
*It's important that you try to use the eyeshadow like eyeliner*
Then, you need to use a brown liquid eyeliner , i use the 
''Quest brown eyeliner'' and after that you can use a simple mascara

to continue, i use 2 diferent lipsticks, you can use one if you want.
First the ''Golden fleece'' and then the ''Peach lipstick'' all by Dot

For more definition i use a bronzer,
my favorite is the ''Bronze blush'' by Transform

And finally you can change the color of your eyebrows,
i use my favorite, ''chocolate eyebrow pencil''

And done:))

''El barto''

Trill hat
T-shirt designed by SimoneNobili (called The barto')
Velvet skirt
Knee sport socks
Miley boots


Headband - Bonjour Bizou
Necklace -
Top - Originak Future
Necklace 2 - PPQ
Skirt - PPQ
Bag - Miss Sixty
Bag 2 - Rio
Sandals - Millionaire Mansion Fashion


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ashes Of Flowers

Mendes Long Dress - Fallen Angel
Bouquet Blouse - Bonjour Bizou
Chanel Chains Handbag - Chanel Tribute
Black Keyhole Heels - Rio
Dynasty Veil - Pretty n' Love
Collar - Special Offer

xoxo Meli ♥

White n' gold:

Glasses - Fallen Angel
Dress - Decades
Jacket - It Girls
Bag - Gucci Holiday Tribute
Shoes - Decades


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Red & Pink


Hat - Museum Mile
Top - Pretty n' love
Dress - Voile
Belt - Bonjour Bizou
Skirt - Wild Candy
Bag - Pretty n' love
Bag 2 - Wild Candy
Shoes -


Wherever You Are

Sheer Silk Tee - Bonjour Bizou
Floral Leopard Skirt - Original Future
Mod One Piece - Archive
Inspired By Chanel Handbag - Decades
Malta Clear Stilettos - Riviera
Circle Glasses - Killah

xoxo Meli ♥


Black bratz hat
Circle glasses
Checked L-S top
Black sash
Faux python belt
Basic black long skirt
Boyfriend jacket
Velvet skirt
Basic black tote
Studded sliettos

Hope u like this song. I'm so obsessed.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Coffee Break Look

Hi dollies. I just love the new 'Strike a Pose' brand. I know it's not fair that it's only for superstars tho but I adore the clothes. Unfortunately I was a bit late so there weren't much clothes that I liked available. But this sweater I really liked, and I love coffee so it's perfect. I was searching for something to wear with my Chloe inspired skirt and I think this just really works together. I also never wear hats but this hair looks kind of weird without a hat, on my doll. And it looks pretty so why not wear a hat right? What do you think of it?
Paulha Hat - Miss Sixty
Latte Street Style Top - Strike a Pose
One Arm Scarf - Alice + Olivia Tribute
Inspired by Chloe Skirt - ???
Lucite Heel Boots - Sub Couture

New banner

Hi guys!
I made a new banner, 
what do you think?

1. Normal

2. 3D
(My edit)

I can't pick one,
what do you like more?

please leave a comment:))

x, G

Strike a pose

I'm wearing:
~ Shirt - Basics white elegant top - 45SC
~ Jeans - Strike a Pose New Yorker blazer denim - 55SD
~ Sunglasses - Cheap Monday psychomerty sunglasses - 9SD
~ Necklace - Voile gold accent necklace - 23SC
~ Belt - Callie's picks gold belt - 30SC
~ Bag - Supertrash girls matelasse shoulder bag- 4SD

Hope you like it, Dl.eclipse


Glasses - Bonjour Bizou
Cardigan - Fallen Angel (boy)
Vest - Fallen Angel
Blazer - It Girls
Shirt - Mr.
Skirt - PPQ
Bag - Subcouture
Shoes - Rio 

Amaia ♥

Sunday, February 23, 2014

When I'm Gone

Hello earthlings, so lately I've been swamped with activites, but I somehow found time to get this outfit made. It took somewhere around 30 minutes because I'm a perfectionist like that ;)

Hope you like it :)- Drew

Jacket: Mr. Garcon
Shirt: Special Offer
Shorts: Fudge Boys
Bag: Bonjour Bizou
Sandals: Rio Boys

Tell Them

Hot Buys Disco Collar Top - Hot Buys
Strapless Cream Bodycon - Pretty n' love
Baham Trousers - Killah
Pearl Dotted Cardigan - Special Offer
White Heels - Voile Holiday Boutique
Hot Buys Leopard Perspex Bag - Rio

xoxo Meli ♥

Black in black

Checked jacket
L/S top
Sequin tights
Black platform heels
Leather spike bracelet
60s hat

Kisses :3

Black Dress.




BAG__            HB Bizou + YSL PARIS TRIBUNE



Sorry for this outfit, is so simple, but 
i just love this dress. I'm so in love with this dress.

Macmillian wake dress
Multi beaded necklace
HB no.5 purse
Blue grape heels

If you want this dress go here:
Then, write, entry in your account and paste this: 
in the proxy URL.

Wait a few seconds and done:)
it will be in your suite

does this black match?

I want to celebrate with you that i have got this goooorgeous new hair colour.
watercolor floral blouse-pretty in pink
black zip jeans-basics
signature carry all-baby phat
heeavyweight black platforms-fallen angel

lots of love

muddy flower.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Bird Print Tank - Callie's Picks
Hotbuys Striped Pants - Evil Panda
Skirt Inspired By Alexander Wang - Rio
Bold And Buff Shoes - Rio
Chrome Corners Handbag - Special Offer

xoxo Meli ♥

Black is the new black

What I'm wearing:
~ Shirt - Fallen angel facial recognition tee - 140SC
~ Shorts - Killah draped shorts - 16SD
~ Jacket - Bonjour bizou HB jacket - 8SD
~ Glasses - Mr. Malibu shades - 5SD
~ Belt - Apres ski crossover knot belt - 46SC
~ Socks - Evil panda sheer thigh highs - 4SD
~ Shoes - YSL punk boots - 26SD

Love, dl.eclipse


Perdón por no escribir, los exámenes me matan.

1920s coat
Skirt inspired by Celine
Cropped Tee
Gold accent necklace
Dark berry oxfords



Too much blue

Grid necklace
Hannah montana top
Shoulder slung moto jk
Licorice skirt
High weist shorts
Frilly layered skirt
Jill sanders cluctch
Purple bow belt
Cornflower socks
Indigo sneaker pumps

I soo in love with this outfit. Reciently i reapet the clothes,
hope u don't mind. I'm poor righ now hahaha.
What do you think?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Jacket 2

Jacket 2
Grey Knit Turtleneck
Skirt Inspired by Chanel
Pastel Ankle Socks
Steampunk Platforms


simple black and dead sea

Dance bodysuit
Black jersery mini skirt
Extra wide belt
Floral embroided purse
Osaka ultra high platforms

The spring will come..


Furry Coat - Miss Sixty
Denim Jacket - It Girls
HB Vest - Bizou
Hydrangea Pants - Bizou
Stilettos - Archive
Sport Bag - RIO
Flower Bag - Bizou
Crop Top - Bizou
Hat - Bratz

Hello,today or should i say tonight,I present you an outfit for the spring.If you don't have these flower pants in the pic,it isn't a just need pants with a flower print.I decided this pants,becuase I also have a bag with that print,it works great together.

Hope you like it!


Thursday, February 20, 2014


The Hope of a country

Soft Cotton Strapless Dress - AMYCLAIRE
Artemis Scarlet Skirt - Callie's Picks
Bold and Buff Shoes - RT 


Yesterday I realised I had a lot of $0 clothes in my storage, and all of them are totally ugly and useless. They have been covered in virtual spiderwebs for years, I've never worn them, but I tried to put on some of them and combine them with some accessories.
Here is the result!
Strange and new for me, but more is still to come.


Lace Tutu Skirt Dress - Pretty n' Love
White Top - Rio
Crystal White Woven Heels - Young Hollywood
Orchid Clutch - Bonjour Bizou
Collar - Special Offer
Multi Pearl Necklace - Decades

I'm really obsessed with "all white/black" outfits.

xoxo Meli ♥

purple brown

Daisy hat
Circle glasses
Lace tank
Velvet skirt
Sander clutch
Black round toed pumps

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My entry 104, lol

Street Style

Black bratz hat
Beaded transparent shirt
Strech jeans
Orange andrea scarf
Poppy bag
Layer boot hide

i change the leopard oxfords for boots bc i don't like the
animal print, and the black bag for a colorful
orange bag, lol, hope you like:))

European Pride

 Hello dollies! Here's another outfit by me, hope you like it.
I think this outfit captures the look of a typical European woman, combinining both fashion, art, class, sophistication and love for nature - virtues that I truly appreciate.