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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

vintage granny

i love/hate this outfit, i love it bc is vintage and old,
and i hate it bc is to colorful and the textures don't match lol
hope you like it.

1920s hat w/rose
80 Million tee (is the transparent neck)
Elle love tee
White mini skirt
PPQ 60s sheer blouse
Wild tulip skirt (orange skirt)
Skirt inspired by Celine (brown skirt)
Oslenboye denim jk
Classic silken scarf
Basic sand ballet flats
and Floral clutch


  1. Even Grandmothers have to be stylish haha! Awesome take on this look. I don't mind the textures really, i'm all for quirky!

    1. thanks! hahaha my favorite it's the hat lol