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Friday, January 31, 2014

Heartless, Careless, Mindless

Where Is My Boy Tee - Archive
Keyhole White Romper - Rio
Hotbuys Mariniere Sweater - Bonjour Bizou
Paradise Preform Pants - Supertrash
Tompkin Square Dark Jacket - Bonjour Bizou
Dallas Slouch Boots - LE
Striped Tote - Callie's Picks
Spike Flats -
Eddy Scarf - Miss XV

xoxo Meli ♥

Patrick stump♥

Killah black hat
Black overzised t-shirt
Shoulder slung moto jk
Checked shirt
Preppy sweater
Winter mill jeans
Nineties platforms

Don't Pretend You Care

Rose Headpiece/ pretty in Love
Piped Jacket BlackWhite/ Make Your Mark
Basic Black Short Top/ Basics
Dark Romance Tulle Skirt/ Velvet Orchid 
Layet Boot Hide/


Lovin' the Yellow touch.

Scallop Print Top - Archive
Canary Pleat Skirt - Moschino
Pantyhouse - Film Theory
White Box Logo - Chanel
Amadi Ankle Boots -

+ Listen to this song. I love it <3 


Clear Plastic Moto - Archive
Asha Shirt - Miss Sixty
White Box Purse - Callie's Pick's
White Mini Skirt - Basic
White Chain Overknee Boots - LE


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Alta cultura

i don't really like this blouse, but i just wanted bc is Chanel
and now i just not know how i can wear it

Karl gloved blouse
Basic black long skirt
Long pearl necklace
Black silettos by Jordache
Double breasted trench

Let it out

Round Sun Shades/ Riviera
Tompkin Square Dark Jacket/ Bizou
Cropped Tee/ Bizou
PPQ 60s Skirt/ Bazaar
Clear Shoes/ Bazaar

I'm so sad, cuz AHS finished, but the season finale was the best episode ever. Now, I'll just wait for the next supreme  season . 

xoxo <3

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A lovely secret

Killah blue beanie
Cave painting sweater
Black jearsey mini skirt
Voile pantyhose
Layer boot hide

Love? uhm... No.

Heart Print Peplum Halter - Pretty In Pink
White Zip Jeans - Basics
Shoulder Slung Moto Jkt - Evil Panda
Black Holiday Sandals - It Girls
LE Polygon Satchel - LE
Chain Pocketbook - Archive
Black Chandelier Earrings - PPQ

xoxo Meli ♥

On Wednesday We Wear Black

Black Sun Hat/ Riviera
Black Crop Top/ Original Future
Long Slit Skirt/ Après Ski
Pier Heels/ Riviera

I love American Horror Story ♥
xoxo ♥


Shoulder Slung moto Jkt/ Evil Panda
Cropped Sand Shirt/ Bizou
Black Pants/ Bizou
Laptop Case/ Mr.
Black Pleather Platforms/ Bazaar

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Glitter Tee - Rio
Jailbreaker Skirt - Special Offer
White Rock Fake Fur - Miss Sixty
Black Platforms - Sonia Rykiel
Hotbuys N°5 Purse - Bonjour Bizou

xoxo Meli ♥

Bad reputation

Oslenboye jk
Basic plum short top
Basic plum tank top
Stripped capris
Platforms inspired by Dolce gabanna
Black doctor handbag

Street Style

White Collared Crop Top - Bizou

Sottobosco Sweater - Pêt a Porter

Basic Top - Bizou

Piped Jacket BlackWhite - Make Your Mark

Gatherer Skinny Jeans - Killah

Prato in Fiore Shoulder Bag - It Girls

Girl vs Monster Shoes - Girl vs Monster

sergioa. xx

Valentines Day

Hello dears!
as you know Valentine's day is coming
and i want to make a little recopilation of the best outfits in stardoll
i will visit every single suite serching for the best,
and i'll publish the photos in Valentines day.
But here is a thing, it will be more interesting because i pick 2 themes:

  • If you're super awesome and you dont need anyone♥ (single):
    you need to dress in black and wear something red or pink
  • If you have someone (taken):
    you need to dress in white and wear something red or pink

(i mean, like a hats, gloves, purses, shoes, skirts, t-shirts...anything)

how i can participate?
if you want to be in the blog you only need
to leave a comment with your stardoll name
and the theme you will choose (Single or Taken)

  • Everyone can participate
  • YOU NEED leave me a message in my guestbook  when your look are ready. 
    And please, leave you outfit a whole day for leave me time to take the picture
  • If you invite your friends, you win points and you will be more awesome :)

Please, please, be creative!
i will pick 20 looks or more...i mean 20 singles, and 20 taken

i hope you like this :)
Good luck everyone! 

xx, Gaby

PD. writters, please invite your friends:) 

Pac Man

Dotted Skater Dress/ Bazaar
Rhinestone Platforms/ Bazaar

xoxo ♥

Monday, January 27, 2014

Parisian Casual

I woke up reaallly early today.

Parisian Modern Beret - Bizou
Hot Buys Shoulder Off Cardi - It Girls
White Elegant Top - Basics
Belted Skater Skirt - Bizou
Matelasse Shoulder Bag - Supertrash Girls
Layer Boot Hide - Cheap Monday

It's cold outside

Gold Seashell Necklace - Bizou

Beaded Field Shirt -

Sevigny Blazer - Bizou

Silk Tapered Trausers - Bizou

Signature Carry All - Baby Phat

Brown Skinny Belt - Bizou

Basic Black Oxfords - Basics



Euforia Blazer -

Black Chiffon Top

Wideleg Jeans - Fudge

Black DvF Shopper Tote - DVF

Cuir Desir Heels -

sergioa. xx


Rose Flower Top - Archive
Pastell Green Trousers - Callie's Picks
Lollipop Jacket - Moschino
Spring Platforms Clogs - Pretty n' Love
Basic White Tote - Basics
Multi Beaded Necklace - Voile

xoxo Meli ♥

Die in Pink

Hotbuys Drapped Top/ Bazaar
Black Pants/ Bizou
Hotbuys Bow Platform/ Bazaar

Black n' White

Hi, I'm a new writer here. My name is Amanda. Hope you like this look :)

Gangster Glam Hat - Bizou
Where Is My Boy Tee - Archive
Gangster Glam Suspenders - Bizou
Sway A Line Skirt - Moschino
Pastel Ankle Socks - Killah
Black Pleather Platforms - Callie's Picks
Heavyweight Black Platforms - Fallen Angel
+ It's better if you add the 'Shoulder Slung Moto Jkt' by Evil Panda.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Casual Black

Marengo Jacket -
Black Mariniere - Basic
Silk Goth Dress - Callie's Picks

Feeling Alive

Cat Print Tank/ Callie's Picks
Classic Black Handbag/ Decades
Minimalist Alexander Heels/ Bizou

xoxo ♥ 

Marzia Bisognin

(Marzia is my favorite person)
White elegant top
Gold belt
High weist shorts
Voile pantyhose
Pro mic jacket
Bow pumps

Saturday, January 25, 2014


   I really like Sky Ferreira, so this look its my little tribute to her kind of grunge/punk/i dont really know style.
If u dont know who is she, i suggest you to have a look at this interview:

Beastly Sun Glasses-Beastly
Chain Necklace-Fallen Angel
Boyfriend Jacket-It Girls
Basic White Short Top-Basics
Black Satchel Bag-Basics
Black Platform Loafers-Fallen Angel





Glitter LE Blouse - LE.
Rock Corset - Jean Paul Gualtier.
Leggings - RIO.
Giulia Clutch - LE.
Izabel Sao Paulo FW shoes - Young Hollywood.


Friday, January 24, 2014


Clean Cut Shirt - Cheap Monday
Top Neon Pattern - Original Future
LE Crochet Jeans - LE
Metal Trim Vest - Fallen Angel
Bright Pink Heels - Rio
Hot Buys See Through Purse - Hot Buys

xoxo Meli ♥

i still trade all mt tomorrows for just one yesterday

PPQ 60' sheer blouse
Black deep blazer
Two tone vest
High weist pants
Poppy top bag
Basic black oxfords

In The End We're All a Lie

Cirlce Glasses/ Killah
Boyfriend Jacket/ Bizou
Basic Black Short Top/ Basics
PPQ SS13 Belt/ PPQ
Stud High Waist Leggings/ Bazaar
Amadi Ankle Boots/


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Let Me Be Your Lady

White Elegant Top - Basics
Baby Blue Denim Skirt - PPQ
Matilda Shirt - PPQ
Dior Tribute Red Carpet Stilettos - Special Offer
Dougong Purse - Evil Panda

xoxo Meli ♥

Cheap monday

Black overzised T-shirt
Shoulder slung moto jk
White mini skirt
Azure zebra stripe purse
Layer boot hide

I got the eye of the tiger

Killah Black Hat/ Killah 
Circle Glasses/ Killah
Shawl Cardigan/
Sogo Shirt/ Fallen Angel
Skinny Denim Black Jeans/
Eclectic Boots/


I'm not inspired today, so...


Am I Sweet?

This is my favourite itens 
I love it 


Nolita Moto Jacket/ Bizou
Grand Knitted Wedding Blouse/ Voile
Faux Python Belt/ Wild Candy
Frou Frou Skirt/ It Girls
Pantyhose/ Film Theory
Voile pantyhose/ Voile
Lace Socks/ Fallen Angel 
Black Pleather Platforms/ Bazaar


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Think In Pink

Oversize Gown Top - Voile
Peony Print Dress - Vivienne Tam
Silver Detailed Heels - Pretty n' Love
Cream Point Clutch - Voile
Taupe Bow Belt - Voile
Gifometer Summer Glasses - Special Offer

xoxo Meli ♥

New hairstyle♥ // Nerdy

Hey! i just got the new hairstyle from the offert that stardoll
made, what do you think?:)) it's a little tight but i just love it

do you will pay for this? the offert finish tomorrow, let me know:)

Gangster glam hat
Short sleeved blouse
Editorial top
Knitted button vest
Ophelia bag
DIY slashed pants
Black chelsea boots

xx, Gaby

Monsters Smile Too

Monster Tshirt/ Killah
Stacked Shell Bracelets/ Bazaar
White Skinny Pants/ Après Ski
Eclectic Boots/

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Mint Fur Coat- Yves Saint Laurent Tribute
Olive Faux Leather Dress- Gucci Tribute
Sea Foam Skirt- Chanel Tribute
Platform Pumps- Bizou


Dip Dye Tank Dress - Fallen Angel
Fudge Top - Fudge
Euforia Blazer -
Candi's Block Pumps - Mortal Kiss
Bracelet Clutch - Archive

xoxo Meli ♥


Hello dears. Yesterday i back to school from vacations and it was cool,
i don't say amazing because i'm not with my besties anymore:( but it was fine.
And my teacher of Filosofy let us a homework of The cosmos and space.
I'm making my homework right now, lol, and this is a outfit
inspired in my first day of school and cosmos, idk haha

White collared crop top
Ordimental top
Gangster glam suspenders
Basic black long skirt
HB No.5 purse
Black silettos

Black and White

Daisy Hat/ It Girls
Circle Glasses/ Killah
Sevigny Blazer/ Bazaar
White Mariniere Pull/ Basics
Rio belt/ Rio
Roaring Shorts/ Decades
Black Dvf Shooper Tote/ Bazaar
Iris Shoes/

I love so much this glasses, OMG  

grunge is not dead

Cobain Tom Sweater - Evil Panda
Nirvana Smiley Tee - Evil Panda
Cobain Boy Jeans - Evil Panda
Black Pleather Plataforms - Callie's Picks
Heavyweight Black Plataforms - Fallen Angel

I feel a totally poser uploading this video, but this outfit means that. 90's decade, bitches. Cobain rules from heaven. Maybe hell.