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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to wear/ Basics

in this post i will show you my basics to wear a cute look. 


The colors of the season are black, white, burgundy and clean blue.

How you can note, i wear a lot of top crops, i just love it.

The secret of a perfect look is always look fresh, i mean, 
you don't need use a lot of glitter, necklaces, earings, flowers and all togheter.
You need equilibrate a pretty look.

How i can equilibrate a explosive color?
you need to use a basic color for use a explosive color, like this...

Explosive colors: Green, Violet, Blue, Orange, Hot pink, etc...
Basic colors: Nude, White, Black and clean blue (jeans)

You can choose one of both. You can look like...

and i think it's all...
if you want more post like this or you have questions,
requests, suggestions please tell me(:

xx, Gaby

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