Monday, January 16, 2017


♥Hello beautiful people♥
So, in brief, the weather is really really really hot here in Brazil.
And i wanted to do something cute and light for this season(this horrible season, c'mon), so i choose light colors, and flowers, and everything fluffy in the wold.
The result is a three piece look.
And the music for today is one of my favorite summer songs of all time.
Hope you enjoy it!

Peony Headpiece - Pretty n' Love
Hotbuys Resort13 Dress - Hot Buys
Chunky 90's Platforms - Original Future

Bye bye sweeties ♥

Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome 2 Twenty Sixteen

Happy 2016 everyone!
I'm so excited to see what this year brings my way.
My doll has changed a bit from the last time I posted,
I think I've finally found my permanent look (For now).

Lately over the past few months, I've been super into basic pieces;
And monochromatic outfits like this one.
My makeup is fresh and more on the natural side as well.

Can we talk about this wig? 
While my clothes have been shades of Grey, Black and white;
My hair has definitely taken a turn for the colorful
I love this dip-dye ombre wig designed by LanaDelChanel. 

Outfit Items:
Jacket | Classic White Blazer: Callie's Picks
Shirt | Sleeveless White Turtleneck: PPQ
Skirt | Daisy Mini Skirt: Bonjour Bizou
Hat | Black Bratz Hat: Bratz Store (Not sure if this can still be bought)
Belt | Pleather Waist Belt: Miss Sixty (Bought in the Bazaar)
Bag | Perfume Bottle Handbag: Chanel Tribute (Currently Available)
Shoes | Minimalist Alexander Heels: Not Available in Plaza

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Hippies

♥ Hey guys,
it's me again, and today i'm gona talk about something i love, the hippie culture.
A hippie is a member of a countercouture, originally a youth movement that started in USA and UK during the mid-1960s and spread to other countries around the world (Wikipedia).
The hippie culture had great influence on fashion, and this continues to the present day.
I was inspired in the hippie culture to make an outfit , and show to you guys.
So...I hope you like it. Here it goes!!!

Rose Headpiece - Pretty n' Love
Round Sun Shades - Riviera
Embroidered Peasant Top - Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren
Aspen Wool Check Skirt - Tommy Hilfiger Tribute
Studded Minimal Slides - It Girls

Xoxo ♥

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Black And White

♥ Hello everyone,
I'm new here, my name is Luisa, i'm brazilian and my account on Stardoll is LuluFenix.
I'm really glad to be part of the blog.
I hope i can inspire you, and that you guys enjoy my outfits.
And i will always match the style I 'm talking, to a song or a video clip that reminds me the subject.
A Black and white look it's officially a classic, no matter how basic it is, it will always be chic and sophisticated.

HotBuys Daisy Sunglasses - Bonjour Bizou
Black Triangle Top - Melbourne Minimalism Tribute
Gingham Breeze Skirt - Callie's Picks
Fallen Leggings - Callie's Picks
BW Stripe Ankle Socks - LE
Leather Straps Wedges - Strike A Pose

Xoxo ♥

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy new year!

Hi everyone! I'm back:) 

It's been a hard year for me and for multiples reazons and I want to apologize for letting down the blog.
I notice that we have a looot of new people here and I really really want to thank you for keep reading this!
I want to share with you somethings that happend this year.
First of all, last year I found my soulmate, and srsly he is the best thing that ever happend to me, unfortunately this year he left to Perú 2 years and we have a long distance relationship. It was hard in the first months but now I'm good and so so sooo happy for him. We only talk 1 time in the week. But i's ok, I mean, we're so happy for each other right now. (Btw, I think in some point we'll getting married, maybe someday<3)
I started new projects on my life, but one of the most important is that I'm working on my page. Some of you that really know me, know that I'm a photographer and this year I started to take professional photography. If you have time please check my page in facebook. Here
I know it's silly, but my photos already opened me sooo much others projects. Now i'm working with 2 friends and we are making a short film and I'm really really happy.

Guys, I want to wish you a happy new year with all my heart and I hope that u have a wonderful year, I know that we'll have bad moments, but in some point, all the effort will it worth it. 
And I will tell you something that changed my whole year, the secret of true happiness. Please pleaseee take time for looking around you, the flowers, the clouds, the faces in the street, feel the wind, feel the sun burning you. Feel the sand between your fingers and toes. Smell the coffie, try and enjoy the new food. When you are alone in somewhere just think and make every second perfect. Take a moment and look around you and admire. Think ''how i get here?'' and just loose yourself. Enjoy the little things. Love your friends, your family and the most important thing. Forgive. 
Have a beautiful night.
I hope that you have a really amazing 2016.
Love you!

Sunday, May 3, 2015


Cozy Home Sweater/ It Girls
Clean Cut Shirt/
High Waisted Black Shirt/ PPQ
Minimalis Alexander Heels/ Bonjour Bizou
Black sport Satchel/ Bazaar


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

(Old) New Look

Hey guys! 
I don't know about you, but I sometimes get really tired
Of looking at the same doll all the time. 
It's in these times that I go crazy making looks;
Before I ultimately go back to my original look. 

Today I'm showing you the look that I created when I went from Tan to pale.
and from brown to Platinum hair.

I really like this look, it's that classic smokey eye with a twist. 
I love to play around with different colors on my doll to create 
Different look. This look was my favorite for about 2 days before I switched again.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!
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